Colorful life in Bangladesh


A corner of the market in Bangladesh where poultry is sold. In this market of Bangladesh there are poultry dealers with more than 20 rows. The market is usually open from 6 am and bustling traders until late afternoon.

Indigenous boy with his life at home. He makes a living in the market by selling clothes to guests. When there are visitors to the market, he usually runs and asks for a map. Wearing a large basket, he ran around the market and received about 30 taka, equivalent to 10,000 dong.

Pictures are recorded by staff at FPT IS fish market in Dhaka. Islamic peoples do not eat pork, so in addition to cows and chickens, fish is one of the most popular food sources in South Asia. With the world’s longest river network and coastline, fish in Bangladesh are soft and white.

The snack bar is one of the easiest to see in the streets of Bangladesh. As a tropical country, nature prevails, Bangladesh has a lot of delicious fruits.

A colorful romantic corner of the street in Bangladesh during the rain. In Dhaka every morning, no need to turn on the alarm, FPT IS people in Bangladesh are awakened by the roar. At about 5am, prayers emanate from the churches interwoven with ravens, everyone eyes closed eyes, covered blanket over their heads to escape their cry.